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Create UNLIMITED interactive videos. You are free to create these videos for your business or for your clients.

Get high engagement and sales. Boost your profits by creating HD Training, Sales & Client Videos.

Charge the top dollar for creating PERFECT interactive videos to match your clients’ needs… or simply sell these STUNNING & HIGH-CONVERTING interactive videos as an EXTRA service for EXTRA income on platforms like Fiverr, UpWork etc.

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Say goodbye to the little countdown number showing you how many campaigns you have left.

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Mobile eCommerce Simplified

Learn how to create user-friendly, mobile optimized web stores in less than 24 hours.

Today, more people than ever are shopping online using their mobile devices and the number is growing daily! This means that if you (or your client’s) business is not optimized for mobile, money is being left on the table


Access Information to 3,262 royalty free stock videos Platform

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Online Viral Marketing Secrets Video Upgrade

Creating a marketing campaign that “goes viral” is the goal of every marketer. In fact, it’s almost impossible to predict what campaigns will go viral. But there are some secret strategies that will help you predict them.

With this video training you will discover a shortcut to online viral marketing secrets and you learn the steps to increase your chances of having your campaign go viral.

When combined with the ultimate video hosting & marketing software Kaptiwa, this package will reap great results in the near future.

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Q Do I need to install Vidilicious?

No. Vidilicious is fully Cloud-based and it can be accessed from anywhere at any time.

Q Are there any hidden fees?

No. You are required to make a one-time payment only. You will be granted access to all of the features listed on this page, as well as the exclusive bonuses, without requiring you to pay for any subscription.

Q Do you have a money-back guarantee?

Yes Absolutely! If for any reason you don’t think that Vidilicious is going to help you make more profits… just contact us for a full refund within the first 30 days after purchase. In case of any other problems, we encourage you to contact us first and give us a chance to help you resolve any queries.

Q How easy is the AI-Powered Interactive Video Creator to use?

It’s designed to work with just a few clicks, just like everything else in Vidilicious. Simply follow the three simple steps… In less than 60 seconds, you will be able to make your STUNNING Interactive Videos to use in your business or to sell to clients.

Q Do you offer training?

Yes. We offer training videos inside the Vidilicious account and if you need further help, we have a customer support team available.

In fact, most Vidilicious users have been able to understand the technology pretty fast just by playing around with the user-friendly interface, itself.

Q Is Vidilicious compatible with PC and MAC?

Yes. It works perfectly on both platforms that we’ve tested it on. Vidilicious is compatible with almost any PC because it works in almost any web browser.

Q How do I reach customer support?

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